CIAA Fundamentals of Accounting Course

The CIAA Fundamentals of Accounting Course is our marquee learning and development program that attracts insurance finance professionals from all over Canada. This course provides attendees with a look at every facet of the P&C Insurance business and how each function works together. You’ll be challenged by experienced instructors and peers throughout the course. The workshop provides a comprehensive study in the application and theory of P&C insurance accounting.

This course is a valuable investment for both you and your company."

- Daniel Singer, President, Canadian Insurance Accountants Association

For more information

  • Jatinder Bassi, Co-Chair, Fundamentals Course at  905-214-7897
  • Axella Mugisha, Co-Chair, Fundamentals Course at 519-824-4400


Top Performers receive a Certificate for achieving the highest mark, as well as access to the CIAA Virtual Conference.

All Course students will receive Certificates of Completion or Participations.

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"The CIAA Fundamentals of Accounting course really rounded out my knowledge of how a P&C insurer works. I learned a ton in the weeklong course and would highly recommend it for anyone working in finance at a P&C insurance company." - Graham O'Bray, Assistant Controller, Red River Mutual. 2019 Graduate.

"The CIAA Fundamentals course provides an overview of Insurance business. The industry is complex and accounting concepts are similar but still carry enough differences. The Fundamentals course brings all these different aspects together in the 5-day course. I learned a lot and now present company results with complete confidence in my knowledge. The networking opportunities were great, 50 people from insurance industry from across different types of companies. Everyone new to the industry should go to CIAA Fundamentals course." - Yasir Naushahi, Senior Support Specialist, Cooperators. 2019 Graduate.

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