About CIAA

The Canadian Insurance Accountants Association was founded in 1934. 

Meet the Board Members


Daniel Singer, CPA,CA
Tel: 416.341.1464, ext 43745  |  Email: daniel.singer@intact.net
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  Balina Bawa, CPA, CA
Vice-President, Treasurer & Chair, Finance Committee
Tel: 647.776.9333 |  Email: balina.bawa@rsagroup.ca
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   Jennifer Ashton, CPA, CA
Chair, Communications Committee
Tel: 905.287.3370  |  Email: jashton@fct.ca

Jatinder Bassi
Co-Chair, Fundamentals Course
Tel: 905.772.5498  |  Email: jbassi@cayugamutual.com
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Amit Chalam, CPA, CA
Co-Chair, Advanced & CFO Outreach
Tel.: 647.248.2071  | Email: amitchalam@kpmg.com


Patrick Espeut, B. Comm, CPA, CGA
2020 Conference Director
Tel: 905.214.7953  |  Email: pespeut@egi.ca
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Robin Mandel
Chair, Partnerships
Tel: 416.775.7242  |  Email: rmandel@deloitte.ca
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Axella Mugisha
Co-Chair, Fundamentals Course
Tel.: 519.824.4400  |  Email: axella_mugisha@cooperators.ca


Annette Pohle
Long-Term Planning
Tel: 416.365.8823  |  Email: annette.pohle@pwc.com
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Vic Sangha, CPA, CA, CPA (Delaware)
Chair, Membership Committee
Tel: 416.309.4955  |  Email: vic.sangha@stewart.com
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David Scotland, CPA, CA
Co-Chair, Advanced Course; Chair, Tax & Accounting Seminars
Tel: 416.607.2147  |  Email: david.scotland@trisura.com
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Daniel Willmann
Chair, Accounting & Tax Technical Committee
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CIAA mission is to promote the study, research, and development of financial management and insurance accounting.

Contact: Canadian Insurance Accountants Association, 301-250 Consumers Road, Toronto ON M2J 4V6

Tel: 416 494 1440 ext. 232  |  Email info@ciaa.org

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